Episode 3: Superheroes and an Intro to Shipping

Greetings, Brainiacs! In this week’s episode of Brain Twins, we catch up on what’s been going on this week,  and are podcasting from different states! Now that’s dedication! We’ll be talking lots of superheroes, both Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe. We discuss the buzz around all the new superhero movies coming out in the next few years. And for the main event: if you’ve ever wondered what it means to “ship” two people or what a “slash” or a “fangirl” is, then listen up because you are about to be treated to Shipping 101: An Introduction. Come along and geek out with us as two best friends catch up on everything they love!

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Below we have linked some details that we discussed in our show this week with links to help all of you Brainiacs out!